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How can I say this? Nooooo… :( But, yes I must.

Here we go:

The Dark Knight Rises feels floated away, too slow and dripping from exaltation but the story is full of bullshit, overcomplicated plots, unecessary characters. The weak emotional background goes into exaggeration on the villain side. This Bane I don’t even fear…

Bruce Wayne is only a shadow of the hero he supposed to be, spends 30 minutes in a prison suffering and sweating for no reason. Batman doesn’t feelslike a myth anymore, and we wait him to rise… and wait… and wait. in the end he is still nowhere. He gets his ass kicked, played and outmaneuvered and on the top, he lost his humor. :(

Too much talking, the tension is gone. Anne Hathaway is cool, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is strong and convincing, but I missed THE Batman! Missed the breathtaking action, spectacular technology, the tension, the build-up romantic line, the millionare attitude, and I missed the rise of the Dark Knight. This was the fall of it. :(

Dark Knight Rises 6 /10

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